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Sunday, March 18, 2018 12:38:18 PM

Video Help

3 years ago
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In our Video Library you will find demonstration videos on our products, software, and digitizing techniques. This is a great place to start after you have purchased a new embroidery machine, Easy Patch, or Applique. Of course, with any purchase of a PRO Series embroidery machine training is available. Keep checking for more Training Tips here.
2 years ago
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Paul, do you have any videos of some basic maintenance of the machine and swapping out flats for hats?  Newby here.
2 years ago
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We will be uploading new How To videos in the very near future. These will include a basic overview of the PRO Capsule operating environment, hoop installations, cap system, and some of the common errors that can create minor headaches with embroidery machines. So stay tuned and keep checking.